Oasis Cafe

Sushi Bar

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At Dearborn Fresh deli, we offer a welcoming atmosphere with a broad array of fresh quality products. We make every effort to make your visit simple and pleasurable. We offer a full selection of lunch and dinner ideas. We craft perfected lunches, you’re able to select from several deli cuts, the way you like along with a vast assortment of domestic and imported cheeses.


Dine in or on-the go! If you’re looking for that unique and different meal solution, try our fresh selection of sushi.  We offer the ultimate delights when it comes to sushi, handmade daily at our Oasis café.  Every meal is combined with condiments that will refresh your palate with every bite. 

Middle Eastern Cuisine

In the heart of Dearborn, best place to get a taste of Middle Eastern in the US, the custom continues here at Dearborn Fresh where real and authentic dishes are freshly prepared. Dine in and pleasure the matchless dining experience and discover great eats, welcoming service, and affordable prices.

All this fresh at one place! Only happens at Dearborn Fresh

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