Pharmacy, Health & Beauty

Pharmacy, Health & Beauty

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Pharmacy, Health & Beauty

Here at Dearborn Fresh we have always known that personal attention to each individual customer by a professional staff is the only way to achieve excellence.  Independent Dearborn Pharmacies are better than chain Pharmacies, and Dearborn Fresh strives to be the best of the independence. In times of sickness and health Dearborn Fresh Pharmacy will be taking care of our Michigan families, after all we are all from Michigan and united.   We are not just a pharmacy but we are a family.

1.  Convenient One Stop Shopping
2.  Transferring Your Prescriptions is easy as 1-2-3!
3.  We Accept all Major Prescription Drug Plans
4.  Generic Drugs
5.  Computerized Prescription Service
6.  Patient Counseling and Information Service
7.  Call-ahead orders
8.  Text and Email Message Alerts when your prescription is ready to pick up
9.  Automatic Refill
10.  Health Screening Services
11.  Complete Diabetic Supply Center

Our full service Pharmacy department will fill your prescription, keep a complete record, and provide Pharmacist consultation and side effect information.

Health & Beauty

Natural beauty products work with your body’s inner healing abilities and can greatly enhance good health. Our fine selections of skin care, hair care and nail care will delight anyone interested in a natural lifestyle. 



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